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2 Ingredients, 0-Waste Vegan Banana Cappuccino

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

Happy #NationalCappuccinoDay fellow-foodies!

Bananas are one of the absolute worst items in your pantry for turning brown before you've had a chance to eat them. All food waste is deplorable, but bananas are so darn tasty that it's even more of a travesty!

2 Ingredients, 0-Waste Vegan Banana Cappuccino

But, on the upside: did you know that bananas can be a substitute coffee creamer? I know right. Heavy stuff.

Many folks who adore all things caffeinated face the challenge of ordering drinks that are also dairy-free, or vegan, at regular cafés and retailers. Rather than waste your hard-earned cash at the nearest Starbucks, try making your own dairy-free, vegan cappuccino!

So in honour of this sacred - nay, holy - day, let us bow our heads... over a tasty mug of frothy, caffeinated goodness! Let's start brewing!

Step One: The Coffee

Brew whatever you would normally brew, coffee, espresso, decaf coffee - whatever you want!

Step Two: The Banana

Add that caffeine into your best blender.

Add the banana to the mix (with a dash of maple syrup if you're nasty).

* Optional: add sweetener (maple syrup, chocolate syrup, honey, brown sugar, Stevia, etc).

Step Three: The Blender

Blend until you can no longer see any banana lumps, and you're satisfied that this fruit is no more (hail the glorious dead).

Step Four: The Mug

Pour the mixture into your favourite wide-brim mug and watch your dairy-free foam rise to the top! It's like a science experiment - but one you can drink!

Step Five: Peelin' Better?

Drink up! The banana acts as a perfect vegan milk-froth replacement, with a healthful dose of potassium and magnesium thrown in, free of charge. Vegan doesn't have to mean yucky!



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