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FoodCycler™ is developed by a Canadian company, Food Cycle Science. 


FoodCycler™ was founded by two visionary entrepreneurs in 2011 when the two met by chance at a conference table over lunch. Both were astounded by the amount of waste generated by their colleagues – and themselves. This gave rise to the question:  

“Just how much food waste is there? And what can we do about it?”

The answer to that question sparked the inspiration for FoodCycler™, which has since transformed residential and commercial food waste in North American kitchens and businesses in a matter of a few years.  



FoodCycler™ is all about redefining waste and closing the loop on the entire concept of the word waste. Food waste should not be a straight line, from kitchen to dump. It should be a never-ending cycle, from kitchen to garden and back again to the kitchen: from wasting food, to feeding the earth, to feeding ourselves. FoodCycler™ makes that possible.


Official Website: The FoodCycler

Sole Distributor for Malaysia : Beyond Earth

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